Thursday, May 21, 2009

Interior Decorating Inspiration

Since buying my condo last June, I have been really trying to get some ideas for the way I would like to finish decorating the place. Its quite small but with super high ceilings that give in a little more roomy feel. I love these pictures and I think they capture all the different aesthetics that I enjoy looking at. As much as a I love the modern/contemporary feel, I really can't stay away from a few different things:
Rich, bold, gem-colors
Victorian/Shabby Chic white walls, chandeliers, etc.
Overload of white, with splashes of bright colors
I cannot decide which way I will want to decorate a house I buy in the future...half of me loves the boldness of the dark walls and half of me loves the elegance of the white walls, floors, etc.
Either way, I think I will be happy with whichever I choose.

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