Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Year. New Resolutions.

This year I wanted to make some resolutions that were meaningful and that I could actually keep. I came up with a few that somewhat all correlate to each other:

1. Start going to church more regularly.

2. Work on being a more patient person.

3. Try putting my family and friends first more often.
Hopefully I can follow through with each and every one of these...I truly think that each of these would improve me as a person so I am excited for the chance to accomplish these this year. :)
What is everyone else's resolutions this year?

Friday, January 29, 2010

Recently I had some unfortunate situations happen in my personal life. Sometimes its crazy how you think you know people, but come to find out, you really know nothing about them. I have always had issues with trust...literally have had horrible nightmares daily dealing with this particular issue. They have always been in the fantasy world of my dreams...but never in a million years could I have guessed that those dreams would soon become a reality. Last weekend/this week was definitely a trying time for me. I will say thought that I think I handled myself fairly well for being in that type of situation. But now comes the hard part of moving on.......
with or without him
Is it fair for me to be angry not only at him, but at the girl too?
Is it bad that if I ever met/saw her I would probably tell her off nicely?
ugh. hate this stuff.

Etsy Fun- Earrings.

Lost and Fawned
"Handmade vintage inspired jewelry made from high quality vintage and recycled findings as well as beautiful vintage jewelry."

The Poster List

How freaking fun/cute are these posters?! I would love a few of these to put around my place.

New hair. New toys. New hobby.

I had been contemplating chopping my hair for awhile now. I needed a change. As soon as I saw this picture (Cassadee Pope from Hey Monday) , I knew it was time. PS- I get to see them in concert in a month! eeeee so excited!
This is how it ended up (not even a good pic of it but you get the idea). I love it though. My hairdresser actually cut 10 inches off my hair! I wish I could have donated it but it wasn't an option. :(
My most wonderful Christmas present to myself. I have fallen in love with this camera. I can't wait to learn more about this camera so that I can really use it.
My new (errr...renewed) hobby. I actually knitted an awesome, fluffy scarf for my sister for Christmas. I have also finished the above scarf as well for myself. I loved these colors together. My next mission is going to be fingerless gloves or maybe even a hooded scarf!
Last but not least, I put up some shelves (FINALLY!) on my huge walls. I needed something so badly and I couldn't stand it anymore. Its not perfectly what I wanted, but its better than nothing!

That's all I have for now :) xoxo- Steph

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wedge. Ankle. Boots.

Ummmm. Why did I not have this obsession earlier? Sigh....
So. Expensive.
1. Rick Owens Leather Wedge Ankle Boots
2. Perri Boots
3. Jeffrey Campbell Pixie Boot
4. Dolce and Gabbana Suede Wedge Boot
5. Jeffrey Campbell 99 Leather Ankle Boot
6. Jeffrey Campbell Tick Studded Wedge

After a Long Hiatus...

So now I am back and more ready than ever to keep up with my blogging. I really feel the need to keep this online journal/scrapbook/inspiration board/(whatever I want it to me)- so that I can one day take a look back at the things I loved or didn't love so much, things that made me happy or sad or angry, and places that I visited or wanted to visit. I hope that this little hodge-podge of posts in the future will be entertaining for anyone and everyone who comes across this blog. :) xoxo- Steph