Monday, February 28, 2011


le sigh.  all of these make me want to stop working and spend all day everyday knitting!  can't wait to get my GI-NORMOUS order of colorful yarn tomorrow.  i am going to start to plan out some fun items to sell in an online store!  now if only june could hurry up and get here (CFA test blahhhhh), i could spend all my time on this project :)

Sources: uno, dos, tres, quatro, cinco, seis

Friday, February 25, 2011

New Books!

very excited to knit some new items (hopefully plan out some different items to open up an online shop with), and super pumped to look at pretty pictures of decor!

Gallery Wall of Frames

yesterday I bought some really fun vintage frames on etsy and decided to officially do a gallery wall of empty frames on the wall behind my tv.  and now here are some examples for to look at for my inspiration:

i'm thinking of painting the frames a glossy black...that way they pop against my gray walls.  these are the awesome frames I got:

now all i have to do is sit and wait!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cheap DIY Art Project!***

So the other night I gave up on studying and found myself searching around online to find a quick and inexpensive solution for my blank canvas.  I came across this idea and decided to try it out.  Was it a success??? I think so! :)

(sorry for the terrible picture...I didn't have time to use my nice camera and upload it!)

Okay, so I'm practically illiterate when it comes to designing anything graphically...but that's not to say that it doesn't fascinate and inspire me.  I have been thinking about taking short classes about graphic design or painting or drawing---just for fun.  Maybe when summer rolls around and I have a little more time. 

If you were going to pick up a new hobby, what would it be???

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Apartment Therapy Blogger Spotlight: Micki Howl (aka one of my bestest frennies)

(her and her husband)

ok, so my beautiful friend Micki has been blogging over at AT from Dallas for awhile now, and I'm not gonna lie...every Tuesday I get pretty pumped about what she is going to post about next.  a couple posts ago she wrote about gallery walls, literally right before I went on a search about the subject...its like she read my mind! :) so please go check out her posts and maybe, just maybe one day there will be a Dallas page on AT next to the NYC, LA, etc. pages:

BHLDN (pronounced "beholden")

ahhhhh!!!! i am so incredibly excited about BHLDN launching yesterday.  what a perfect way to launch anthropologie's wedding line- on valentines day!***  head over to Oh Joy!'s blog to check out some behind the scene photos from a BHLDN photo shoot.

a day late...but i say that you should treat everyday like valentines day when you are interacting with your loved ones. so cheers to everyday being LOVE day!!!  and cheers to pretty images!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Love, Love, Love.

some heart-shaped Valentine's Day gifts out there right now that i'm totally diggin':

Row 3: Lighthearted Mug ($17.99), Loving Spoonfuls Set ($7.99)

New Z-Gallerie Line

every season Z-Gallerie picks a color to highlight in their line of home accessories.  the current season's pick is an AQUAMARINE/TURQUOISE type color...and can I just say, that I am love with some of their new items! check these out:

so I say to you, be bold and add a little splash of color to your place this year!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Frilly Bedding!!!***

How fun is this?!  I can't wait for the rest of my room to be finished...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

a little office inspiration for my little creative nook in my place.  what i definitely want:
1. an inspiration board  (already collected all the pretty, little things i will put on it)
2. little glass jars filled with colorful office supplies
3. a vibrant, patterned circle rug that will pop against all the white and gray going on in my place
4. a collage wall of various framed prints
5. and of course, a cute desk chair

i did already get a few desk accessories that i am pretty excited about:

the boxes are actually more of a turquoise color which is my accent color throughout my living room area.  i got them at a major discount at Crate and Barrel's outlet store.  the other desk accessories (aren't they so cute and girly?!) you can get from either Container Store, Office Depot, See Jane Work, etc.

ok enough of that.  now im on the hunt for the perfect Valentine's Day outfit :)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day!!!***

I'm soooo excited that its been snowing for the past 12 hours!  Snow days for me = no work, wearing comfy clothes allll day, getting caught up on my knitting, and of course wearing cozy, handmade hats (my bestest grandma made it for me).

Hope everyone is snuggled up watching good movies in this weather.  I am gonna go play in the snow here soon....I'm itching for a good ole snowball fight!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Redecorating my Place

Recently I have been on a little redecorating kick in my house.  I stored my pub table and chairs in my garage and have now created a little "creative space" for me to get my crafting on.  I really wanted a Parsons Desk from West Elm ($299):

But I found an incredible knock-off at Overstock for under half the price ($143.99)!  I got it a few days ago and it is just as fabulous as I imagined: 

Pretty fantastic right?! Well I have now been on a hunt for the perfect desk chair to go with my new desk.  I don't want just any old chair though.  I have been searching craigslist, consignment shops, ebay, etc.  If it sells chairs, I have probably looked there.  I want something unique, french, girly, baroque, king louis-esque, and of course...PRETTY.  Here are some of the lust-worthy chairs I have been inspired by:


Hope you guys are having a fabulous week!