Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Recent Outings with my Besties

Out at State and Allen with my 3 best girl friends and 2 of their boys.

My two friends are pretty. And fun. And I wanna wear that dress all day, everyday.
Dress: Bittano (Boutique in Mockingbird Station)

Us girls at the end of a long fun night.

Some more friends out and about in Dallas.

Two of my favorite girls, Mel and Michelle. We all just happened to wear high waisted skirts that night. This is why we are friends :)
Skirt and Shirt: AA; Purse: Chanel

Last but not least, most recent outing. I could wear this dress all day, every day too. Oh and I got a haircut the other day. And went blond for the summer. I wish I could do whatever I wanted with my hair still, i.e. bring back my purple-blueish streaks.
Dress: Volcom, Shoes: Miss Me (new ones!)

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