Thursday, April 22, 2010

DIY #4- Felt Garland


- 9 pieces of colored wool felt
- 1 piece of Ecru wool felt
- Invisible thread
- Small or medium sized paper bag


1. Using the circle templates, cut the felt into as many circles as you desire.  Cut a varied assortment of shapes and colors. (if you cut 200 circles your garland will be roughly 400 inches/11 yards long)

2. Place all the circles into a paper bag and shake it up really well.

3. Pull out a few circles at a time and sew them, one after another, down their middles, using the invisible thread.  There should be no space in-between each piece.

4. Continue to pick random pieces from the paper bag and sew them together until you run out of circles.  Now you can hang them up and enjoy!

Finished Product:

{via Purl Bee}

oh-so-cute! now i just have to pick out the colors i want to use :)

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