Friday, April 23, 2010

DIY #5- Anthropologie Inspired Knob Plaques


-wood plaques
-spray glue (optional)
-modge podge
-spray paint
-e600 glue
-scrapbook paper
-sand paper (fine grit)


1. Spray paint plaques and let them dry.
2. Pick a cordinating paper to modge podge onto your wood.
3. Using the spray glue, spray a light even layer on to the flat surface of your wood.

 4. Once the glue has dried take your sandpaper and rub along the edges of the wood.


5. This will tear the paper off of the wood for you leaving clean crisp edges.


6. Pick a knob that will go with the plaque colors.

7. Take out pliers and bend the knob screw until it snaps off.

8. Eyeball where you want your knob to go on your plaque, and mark the center with a small pencil dot.
9. Using a philips head screwdriver make a hole in the wood for the knob to go into.

10. To make sure your knob stays in place use your E600 glue and rub it all around the flat part of your knob.

11. Screw your knob into the hole and press down while the glue is drying.

Finished Product:

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