Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Life Update...and Pics!

Dinner with all the girlies I have grown up with to celebrate Micki moving back to Dallas!

My friend Ash and I hanging out while she was in town visiting for her bro's b-day...I miss that girl :(

My mom and dad celebrating their birthdays (they have the exact same one!)

Of course a little sparkler action on the 4th at my friend's lakehouse.

Having fun taking pictures of the fireworks with my camera...this one was my fave.

New friends to hangout with in Dallas.

And of course me and the bf out in the F-dub the other weekend...we were watching/listening to the spazmatics that night in the rain. :)

Just a few little updates of what has been going on outside of working, tutoring, and studying for my test. hope everyone has been having a fabulous summer!

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