Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Trip Pictures!

Ok kiddos.  I know its been awhile since my last post.  I have been crazy busy traveling and studying for the CFA Level 1 test.  I wanted to share some of my pictures from my epic trip with the bf and his parents.  **This is a very long picture post just to warn :).

Candid pic on the top of the ship the first full day.

Our amazing ship---which I highly*** recommend to anyone looking to take a cruise.

Our last night. :( *sniff sniff*

me taking down the house in blackjack! haha jk...but i did fair pretty well.

Our first stop...San Juan, Puerto Rico.

whilst walking around "Old" San Juan.  our cabby was amazing and showed us all of these cool sites around town with such rich history.

the boy outside one of the forts we went to see.

next stop...St. Thomas (my fave).  this is Magen's Bay, but we actually went to a smaller, private beach called Secret Harbor and did some scuba and snorkeling before getting a tour of the island.

our boat :).

St. Thomas again.

the last and final stop in St. Maartin.  we decided to go deep sea fishing that day. the water there is so incredibly beautiful...it doesn't even look real!

the boy caught a barricuda (which we threw back).  we weren't too lucky the rest of the day, but it was still a ton of fun and a first for me!

the cutest French ice cream parlor that i just had to take a picture of. 

Overall, I think it was the most successful trip I have ever been on. I'm so thankful to be able to do these types of trips at this point in my life and for a wonderful boyfriend to share these experiences with.

until next time....

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