Friday, February 25, 2011

Gallery Wall of Frames

yesterday I bought some really fun vintage frames on etsy and decided to officially do a gallery wall of empty frames on the wall behind my tv.  and now here are some examples for to look at for my inspiration:

i'm thinking of painting the frames a glossy black...that way they pop against my gray walls.  these are the awesome frames I got:

now all i have to do is sit and wait!

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Edward A. Summers said...

The frames are a cool way to play with shape/geometry esp. behind a TV, given the general late 90-00s emphasis on size and the standard flat screen look. I know it is weird for a guy to know about decoration but I grew up in a house where HGTV or DIY was always on(because of my mom). Looks like you have been/are busy with adding the personal flare to make a space individual. It's a worthy investment and can be fun too. Enjoy!