Tuesday, February 8, 2011

a little office inspiration for my little creative nook in my place.  what i definitely want:
1. an inspiration board  (already collected all the pretty, little things i will put on it)
2. little glass jars filled with colorful office supplies
3. a vibrant, patterned circle rug that will pop against all the white and gray going on in my place
4. a collage wall of various framed prints
5. and of course, a cute desk chair

i did already get a few desk accessories that i am pretty excited about:

the boxes are actually more of a turquoise color which is my accent color throughout my living room area.  i got them at a major discount at Crate and Barrel's outlet store.  the other desk accessories (aren't they so cute and girly?!) you can get from either Container Store, Office Depot, See Jane Work, etc.

ok enough of that.  now im on the hunt for the perfect Valentine's Day outfit :)


Edward A. Kelly-Summers said...

There is a certain vibe decorating a work space can give to the creative soul, if that is a desired effect. It is funny, all of the "out of the box" talk, unless the box motif is a touch at irony(I kid, I kid.) Great blog, I should have stumbled onto it earlier, it gives a certain personal feel to the electronic medium. Keep the decorating going!

Steph said...

Thanks Eddie! I have no way of responding back to you on fb, so if you get a chance, email me at sgrimes5685@gmail.com :)