Friday, April 8, 2011

my gift is my song.

i have always wanted to be able to play an really well. 

(i don't count that time i spent in elementary school "learning" how to play the piano) 

maybe one day i will have enough free time to learn how :)


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Eddie Summers said...

Been a while since I commented, so I guess that instrument learning thing, I could try to teach you how to flail wildly at a guitar string or so. The fashion is dopeness(I know you have the good eye for those things.) I'm going to Florida, to stay with my sis for a month or so, so I can finish the book in a new space(on the beach helps), but I'll be moving back in a month or so, and hope to be able to hang out, like I've been saying since Nov.(I know, I know, but this time all will be well&good.) Hope all is well your way&going to get back on the FB soon. Hope all is well w/ you and look forward to having all things settle down for once. Peace&happiness. Keep being you.